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Friday, August 23rd, 2019 5:46:47 PM
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Posted by weezee About 2 months ago
Yes, I'm sooo very sorry everyone! I'm LATE LATE LATE (for a very important date!) on opening the summer DS shop (and for much other things so sorry, summer has me busy busy busy!). That being said, Spring Sensation will stay open until June 20th, so that you all have a bit more time to buy things from there cuz when it's closed, it won't open again til March! I'm also going to open Summer Spectacle now and it will be open until the beginning of September OR we remember to close it!

We do hope to have something very important ready for you all soon! Thank you all for sticking it out with us!

~Much Love & Fantabuliciousness

Posted by Aleah About 2 months ago
Permalink Hair Today Announcement
Hello Faenarians, Aleah here with an announcement from Hair Today!
I'm celebrating my birthday this month, and to celebrate,
I'm giving away an additional FREE hairstyle to everyone who requests one.
So if you come and see me, you can get
So please stop into Hair Today, and get your FREE Hair!

Posted by Lucille About 2 months ago
Permalink Did Lucy Die?
Nope, I'm alive and stopping in to apologize for being scarce the last couple of months. I've had a couple big things going on in my personal life and haven't had much time for anything else.

As some of you may know, I started a new job. I'm working for a company called Easterseals. To those not familiar with it, they provide teaching and support to developmentally disabled individuals who normally would be unable to live independently. It's wonderful and rewarding work, but the program is expanding rapidly in our area and so there has been a lot of opportunity for overtime. Once I was finished with training, I started working 100+ hours bi-weekly, doing my own shifts, plus filling in for other shifts. A recent batch of new hires has certainly helped fill in the gaps, which means I'm doing less extra shifts. At least for the moment, knock on wood.... I love my job and I am happy to fill in, but I have missed being more available here!

In addition to working a heap, I was also planning a wedding. My fiance and I tied the knot on 5/25/19! *throws confetti* It was a lovely, small ceremony, followed by a small reception. I'll post up wedding photos soon, our photographer is still editing them and whatnot.

So, with work seeming to stabilize and the wedding out of the way, my hope is to get back on track with Faenaria! The staff and I had been working on several projects, one of which I will be talking about in the next week. The RPG portion of the site has ever been on my mind. To update everyone, we are in the process of writing details for the programmer as well as outlining and world building for the story portion. Pets are still high on our list of priorities as well, though again, I don't have a lot of information to share on that at the moment. My present goal is to release sneak peeks over the following weeks. We will also be trying to get an avatar release out soon, too!

In the meantime, do enjoy the Spring Jubilee, and look forward to more goodies soon!

Posted by Royal About 2 months ago
Permalink Spring is all around Faenaria!
Hello, Faes! Royal here, your friendly neighborhood Event Planner! Spring has been upon us with its beautiful blooms and lovely weather! However, that can only mean one thing.
It's time for...
The Second Annual Spring Jubilee!!
Hope on over the event board to find out more details on the festivities and fun!!

Posted by weezee About 4 months ago
Permalink April HA Release!
Hiya Faenarians!

I'd like to appoligize for the lateness of the DS items, but things were just going on offline to keep myself and Lucy busy busy! BUT they are here now, along with all the WS stuff, so hopefully that makes it a little better!

No pets yet, but soon as those get finished you'll have those as well!

Here are your new avatar goodies!

https://i.imgur.com/2Ok1xgX.png https://i.imgur.com/SNavmVv.png https://i.imgur.com/NdUhnli.png https://i.imgur.com/w2wHFJj.png https://i.imgur.com/tUI7H4S.png

Spoiler: DS Items

Fusion Hime Gown (female only) Spring Sensation ~ (By Lucille)
Fusion Hiko Suit (male only) Spring Sensation ~ (By Lucille)
Naginata (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)
Naginata Blade (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)
Naginata Metal (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)
Naginata Ribbon (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)


Bracers (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Belt (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Belt Wide (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Bow Neck (female only) ~ Jewelry Box (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Bow Waist (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Cord (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Dress (female only) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Knot (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Knot Tassel (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Tassels (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Geta (unisex) ~ Foot Fetish (By Lucille)
Geta Strap (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Hakama (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Hakama Belt (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Hakama Tie (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Haori (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Haori Himo (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Hime (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Lucille)
Hime B (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Lucille)
Kamishimo (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Katana Blade (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Katana Metal (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Katana Wrap (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Kimono (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Obi (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obi Belt Wide (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obi Bow (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obi Sash (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obijime (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Pauldron Ties (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Pauldrons (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Sakura Crown (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Sakura Ear (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Short Kimono (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Short Yukata (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Silk Sleeves (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Tabi (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Lucille)
Tsubaki (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Sapphie)
Tsubaki B (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Sapphie)
Yukata (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)

We hope you all enjoy!
~Much Love & Fantabuliciousness