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Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 11:28:18 PM
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News > Did Lucy Die?
Posted by Lucille About 10 months ago
Did Lucy Die?
Nope, I'm alive and stopping in to apologize for being scarce the last couple of months. I've had a couple big things going on in my personal life and haven't had much time for anything else.

As some of you may know, I started a new job. I'm working for a company called Easterseals. To those not familiar with it, they provide teaching and support to developmentally disabled individuals who normally would be unable to live independently. It's wonderful and rewarding work, but the program is expanding rapidly in our area and so there has been a lot of opportunity for overtime. Once I was finished with training, I started working 100+ hours bi-weekly, doing my own shifts, plus filling in for other shifts. A recent batch of new hires has certainly helped fill in the gaps, which means I'm doing less extra shifts. At least for the moment, knock on wood.... I love my job and I am happy to fill in, but I have missed being more available here!

In addition to working a heap, I was also planning a wedding. My fiance and I tied the knot on 5/25/19! *throws confetti* It was a lovely, small ceremony, followed by a small reception. I'll post up wedding photos soon, our photographer is still editing them and whatnot.

So, with work seeming to stabilize and the wedding out of the way, my hope is to get back on track with Faenaria! The staff and I had been working on several projects, one of which I will be talking about in the next week. The RPG portion of the site has ever been on my mind. To update everyone, we are in the process of writing details for the programmer as well as outlining and world building for the story portion. Pets are still high on our list of priorities as well, though again, I don't have a lot of information to share on that at the moment. My present goal is to release sneak peeks over the following weeks. We will also be trying to get an avatar release out soon, too!

In the meantime, do enjoy the Spring Jubilee, and look forward to more goodies soon!

About 9 months ago
Woohoo, congratulations on your wedding!! totally curious to see the photos!!
About 10 months ago
Thanks all!! Starlit, pretty sure I'm not dead! But ya never know. lol
About 10 months ago
Congratulations on your wedding!
About 10 months ago
CONGRATS on your wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!! And having a great job that you love!!!
About 10 months ago
Contratulations! I wish you well

Lokinf forward to everything new to look at. :3
About 10 months ago
CONGRATULATIONS! Also that's insane how are you alive? Are you sure you're not dead?
About 10 months ago
Congratulations with you wedding, I am looking foreward to the photo's.

Can't wait for all the new faenaria updates!