Oberon the Chimera
pet #2989
Oberon (m)
Oberon, named after the king of Faeries, is a stern but caring chimera. He often takes in and defends young creatures of any species, considering them to be part of his pride - and as such, feels that their care, wellbeing, and comfort are his responsibility. He is tender and fatherly, but will defend his own with fervor and ferocity unmatched by any.

His blood runs hot, making him very warm - he practically radiates heat (much to the delight of many of the cold-blooded members of his pride, as this makes him practically a walking heat lamp). He has above average strength for a chimera, but his determination and unwavering courage when protecting his pride makes him more formidable than even foes much larger than he is. As much as he hates to use it, finding it to be a dishonorable and cowardly maneuver, if he is left with no choice he can swiftly dispatch any threat to his pride with a bite from his snake tail, whose venom has properties much like that of a boomslang.

Despite his advanced age, Oberon remains physically young thanks to the blessing of a Fae, given to him for his devotion to protecting those in need.
ID: #2989
Genus: Chimera