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Friday, August 23rd, 2019 6:12:20 PM
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Terms of Service

The following policies and rules exist to make Faenaria a safe place of enjoyment for everyone! By signing up to Faenaria you agree to follow our Terms of Service and all site rules. If you disagree with the following Terms then it is recommended that you cease use of our website.

General Site Rules and User Conduct Faenaria strives to be a mature environment where people from across the world can come together to enjoy the artwork and community of this website. As such we’ve set the following rules to help maintain the sort of atmosphere where everyone can be comfortable.

This is not a game for children and as such some content may be inappropriate for anyone under the age of 16. That being said, content must remain below an R rating at all times!

You must be age 13 or older to register an account!

Faenaria exercises a “three strikes and you're out” warning system. This means that for minor offenses you will receive an official warning. You may receive a total of three official warnings (whether for the same infraction or a new one each time) before being permanently banned. Unofficial warnings may be given for slight offenses. If you receive three unofficial warnings, your fourth unofficial warning will be escalated to an official one.

Scamming and/or cheating other members is considered a serious offense. If you are caught doing so you will be banned immediately.

Please be respectful to all staff members and follow their directives.

Please exercise proper grammar and punctuation when posting and sending private messages. Chatspeak is strictly forbidden!

Faenaria is an English speaking community and therefore we do not allow posts in foreign languages. However, we have set up a thread for grammar assistance for those who are not entirely comfortable posting in English. The Grammar Corner

When using custom font colors please be mindful of how they appear on the page. Pale or bright font on a white or otherwise light background may make the text hard to read. This also includes, font size, font style, formatting, and the use of images. If you are found disregarding this rule a member of staff will contact you and request that you fix it.

Your signature may have at most 10 lines. Images larger than 600x400 pixels will be displayed as links instead. Total signature height should not exceed 400px. Content beyond this height will not be displayed.

Please maintain a sense of maturity and common sense while interacting on this website.

There will be no flaming, name calling, or other forms of bashing on this website for any reason including, but not limited to; race, sexual orientation, religious views, political views, etc. Everyone will be treated with common courtesy and respect or those violating this rule will be banned immediately.

We allow the discussion of politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects, however we do not allow proselytizing, campaigning, aggressive and derogatory language, flaming or personal attacks on others for their beliefs or way of life. Anyone who cannot discuss controversial topics in a mature manner will be banned from doing so.

Posting or private messaging that is sexually explicit, derogatory, or racist in the form of pictures, videos, audio, text or links is strictly forbidden!

Spam is strictly forbidden on the forums or private messages. This means double posting is not allowed unless you are setting up an event, sale or lineage thread (or something of a similar nature where multiple posts on the first page are required for record keeping, etc.). If you are found spamming for any purpose you will receive a temporary forum ban starting at 24 hours and increasing to 1 week and finally two weeks. If you continue to break this rule after a two week ban then you will be permanently banned from Faenaria.

Anyone found exploiting our currency per post system will receive an immediate one week forum ban.

You may bump a thread once every 24 hours or if it falls off the first page you may bump it so that it returns to the first page.

Having multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. You are permitted to have one account, per person. Multiple accounts will be banned and the primary account will receive an instant official warning. Breaking this rule a second time will result in an instant ban for all of your accounts.

Faenaria works best with Firefox and Google Chrome. You may experience difficulties while using Internet Explorer.

Pet Orders and Art Rules Negative remarks toward the artists and colorists will NOT be tolerated. If you have a problem with one of our staff members please see their supervisor and politely inform them of your issue. If you have a problem with an order, then contact the artist/colorist who handled it and they will do their best to fix any mistakes.

Pets and staff only FA items based on media character (movies, books, video games, etc.) are permitted. However, Faenaria makes no claims to the likeness of media characters and as such all media characters belong to their respective trademark and/or copyright holders.

It is strictly forbidden to alter, change, or otherwise edit art on this website. All artwork displayed here is the property of Faenaria, claiming it as your own will result in an immediate ban and possible legal action.

Art theft is strictly forbidden. Stealing the artwork (claiming their work as your own) of other members is not permitted! If you are caught doing so you will receive an immediate ban.

Site currency, pets, items, etc. may NOT be traded for real currency such as USD. Nor may anyone exchange site currency, pets, items, etc. for another site’s currency where they allow the practice of selling/trading for USD. (e.g. Second Life)