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Monday, February 17th, 2020 3:06:31 AM
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News > Updates Everywhere!
Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Updates Everywhere!
We've been getting some work done! I've put out another Kickstarter update, which you can read here! This update shows off some of our WIP pet pages to hopefully give everyone a better idea of what our pet features are going to be like!


In addition, we've also tweaked the thumbnail previews for avatar items. This one, is being a bit difficult. You'll see that clicking a color doesn't just change the thumbnail color to match, it shows you the full size image instead. This is due to the site not generating thumbnails for every color and is a separate issue we'll need to resolve. For now though, while broken it may be, you can preview colors without equipping them! If your screen starts getting messy, you can refresh to clear the bigger images. Another small hiccup is that items with a separate front and back (such as a lot of our hairstyles and dresses) will only display the front portion when previewing. We'll get this fixed up soon as well!

We're still sitting at 46% funded! Just another 4% to that halfway mark! Help us get there!

Kickstarter: Share, Pledge, Go!

About 3 years ago
Yes it does, thank you Royal!
About 3 years ago
Every bit helps, Royal!
About 3 years ago
Finally donated a little. Only $5, but I'm hoping to increase it next payday. Best of luck, guys!