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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 11:16:35 PM
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News > Emiryls Revealed! Event Extension!
Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Emiryls Revealed! Event Extension!
We've finally come to the final Guardian! Better late than never, right?


Second youngest of the Guardians, Emiryls is stern and to the point. She loathes wasting time and prefers good, hard work to laying about. She'll be the first to buckle down to a task and the last to call it quits. Her somber manner often makes her the brunt of Balvun's good-natured ribbing, which she always pays back with a scathing glare or icy rebuke. The lush, verdant rain forest will be your final destination in our initial storyline. With Emiryls at your back you'll unveil an ancient secret that threatens the peace and beauty of all the realms. Will your strength and the combined might of all the Guardians be enough to save the Tree of Origins?

I hope you guys are excited for our storyline, it's going to be so much fun! We've been doing a lot of plotting on not only this first chapter, but the chapters to follow as well and I'm confident you'll all be hooked! So what do you think of the Guardians? Who is your favorite? Which realm is your favorite so far?! What other realms might you like to see? Discuss in the comments!

A final announcement... Since I had some unexpected real life interruptions we've decided to extend the posting event to July 10th @11:59pm Origins Time. At that time we'll tally up all the posts and announce our winners! We'll be altering the reward tiers based on which users have the most posts rather than by a set post count, so don't worry if you haven't managed to reach any of the reward goals! Just do the best you can!

My apologies for the rather short announcement. We'll have more things to share very soon!!

About 3 years ago
Well, my fav guardian is Rajuni, but for totally impure reasons, lol!
I would be more at ease in the rainforest than in a desert, though...
About 3 years ago
She looks drool worthy. ... *grhm* Sorry 'bout that.
As of the Guardians and realms...
Well, Emiryls and rainforest is my firts choise, but Melinasi and Rajuni come very close in tail. And that desert realm sounds quite appealing to me too.
About 3 years ago
Emiryls looks awesome!
I think it's obvious, but my favorite Guardian is Balvun and realm is the Mountains!