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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 10:36:49 PM
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About 3 years ago
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1.) Follow all site rules and the Faenaria terms of service.

2.) Read the FAQ before posting a question. If you ask a question that is in the FAQ, you will be referred to that page and your thread will be locked.

3.) Do not bump your thread to bring it back to the top. We promise to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

4.) If a question has been answered, please do not use the thread to further discuss the answer. Please use the search feature prior to asking a question to avoid duplicates.

5.) Threads are locked for a reason (most likely because the question has already been answered) so please do not start a new thread to further discuss it.

6.) If you are reporting a bug or glitch of any kind, please put in as much information and detail in the report as you can.

7.) Do not post threads asking about the status of your pet submission in the queue. Orders are filled in the sequence that they are submitted - our staff work as quickly as they can, but sometimes the queue may be extra full or we may be short handed. Your patience is appreciated!

Rules can be added as they are needed so please keep up to date with them.
Salutations: My designation is AB-44 and I have been tasked to handle all generic administrative functions. If you require assistance, please consult my mistress, Lucille or her sentient minion, Nimue as I am not programmed for etiquette or protocol!