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Monday, February 17th, 2020 4:25:24 AM
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About 3 years ago
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1.) Follow all site rules and the Faenaria terms of service.

2.) This subforum is for general chit-chat about the FA.

3.) No excessive bragging about special FA items you may have obtained.

4.) No excessive complaining about not getting special FA items, or shaming others for getting them when you did not.

5.) No complaining about the FA art. Our artists work hard and don't deserve to be put down. If you have a constructive comment or discover an error please contact Lockette via private message.

6.) Please do not post suggestions for items or colors in this area. There is a specific place for FA Item Suggestions that you are welcome to use!
Salutations: My designation is AB-44 and I have been tasked to handle all generic administrative functions. If you require assistance, please consult my mistress, Lucille or her sentient minion, Nimue as I am not programmed for etiquette or protocol!