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Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 1:38:39 AM
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Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink The Taste of Success!
We are 100% Funded at last!! The staff and I have been throwing confetti at each other all morning! We couldn't be happier to have finally reached our funding goal! But this is just one stage in the transformation of Origins and in our Kickstarter as well! We have 4 great stretch goals that we will continue to work toward, so we'll still need your help! Keep spreading the word and pledging if you can, there's still 8 days left and every pledge counts!

To all of our backers - You are amazing people and we love you dearly! Thank you for getting us this far! YOU ROCK!

Here's a look at our Stretch Goals! These are all nearly ready for implementation. Ryou will just need to shade the pets and they'll be ready to join the gaggle of starter pets which will be available when the pet feature is launched! Visit Kickstarter


Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink *flails about*
We're sitting at 98% funded!! We're so close! We're only $60 away!

Don't forget about our addons, including the custom FA dolls!

Zoom to Kickstarter

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Only 4% Away!!
Just $105 separates us from our goal! Keep spreading the word and if you can, please considering increasing your pledge, even if it's only by $5! If you already have, then thank you so much! If you can't, well that's okay, we appreciate everything you've already given!

We are so excited to have gotten this far, we only need to go a little bit further!

Kicktarter Portal of Fun

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink 90% Funded! We Got This!
That's right, $285 $185 is all that's standing between Origins and success!

If our backers could increase their pledges by just $5 a piece, we would reach our funding goal! Not only would you be giving us the final push we need, but getting an extra perk for yourself, too! You can read more about our addons in this update!

I'd like to make a quick note that the Custom Gene Packs have all been claimed! However, since the Guardian dolls seemed to be such a big hit, we've decided to offer a very special replacement for the $100 tier addon! Custom FA Dolls!

Lucy's - Base - Sapphie's

There will only be four custom slots open! (Some restrictions will apply) Get them before they're all gone!

Hurry to Our Kickstarter

We're getting so very close! Keep sharing and pledging!

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Origins Admins Interviewed!
We're at 88% funded! Only another 12% to go and then we can start working on our awesome stretch goals!

As some of you might have heard Nimue, Lockette, and I were all interviewed by Pet Simmer Julie recently! Well, she has compiled that interview into a video for us! You can watch it at the link below!

Exclusive Interview with the Team of Origins

Don't forget to pledge and share about our Kickstarter, too! We're so happy at the great progress we've made in the last few days and we're grateful to all of our fans and supporters! But we can't stop yet, we're only $340 away from 100% funded!

Kickstarter Rocket Launcher
(I'm running out of creative ways to say "click this link" lol)