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Sunday, January 19th, 2020 7:31:46 PM
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Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Kickstarter Update!
We're closing in on our next milestone of $2000, but we'll never get there without more pledges! With less than 2 weeks left on the campaign timer, we need everyone who can absolutely manage it, to back Origins or we won't reach our goal and the site won't be able to move out of this half-finished phase!
We need YOUR help!

If just 10 people pledged $10 that would be enough for us to reach our next milestone! Even if all you can do is $5 it is a huge help! If 100 people were to pledge just $5 that would be a total of $500 toward our funding goal! Spread the word! Maybe you don't know 100 people, but you might know 5 and your 5 might know 10 and that 10 another 10... and on it goes like ripples in a pond!

Also be keeping an eye out for our next update! I've got something special to offer everyone along with a closer look at the Legendary Guardians!

*gasp* Guardian Dolls! Guess the cat is out of the bag! More details will follow in the next Kickstarter update!

Kickstarter Waygate

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Pet Simmer Julie!
We're at 51% funded on Kickstarter! If you haven't pledged hop on over and do so! Even if all you can do is $1 or $5 it helps us get there! If 20 people could pledge $5 each that would be $100 toward our goal alone! It really adds up, so don't be shy!

Kickstarter Gateway

In other news, the admins and I had an exciting morning! We were interviewed by the very sweet, Julie Bonk of Pet Simmer! You should also check out her YouTube channel and this Livestream she did today where she features Origins! n.n

Pet Simmer Julie

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Virtual Pets & RPG Combined!
We've made it up to 47% funded, just 3% away from our next milestone! There's just a little over two weeks left!

In exciting news, we just put out our third update and it is all about RPG!! Share the link with everyone you know who is into RPing, this could be the game for them!

Read the Update


Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Kickstarter Concerns?
As much as I don't want to admit this, it's become clear that our Kickstarter has run out of momentum, which is very concerning to me and the rest of the staff. In order for this site to move forward, this Kickstarter must be successful. This isn't a ploy to get your hard earned money, this isn't the team saying we would rather make the users pay than pay ourselves.... This is me coming to our fans, our new members, our potential members, to the world and asking for help.

I've spent almost 5 years working on Origins in some form or another. The original adoptable that brought me to this point was owned by somebody else, who passed the torch and the business to me. I took on a whole lot of problems under that brand to the point that we had to get new artwork because the artist refused to let us keep using it. Eventually it became clear that the original brand had a negative reputation because of the previous owner and so I sat down with the staff and we hashed out a new idea. It's what you're seeing now. It's Origins.

In the last 5 years I've struggled through a lot of personal hardships, the most trying of which happened on March 7th 2015. My mother passed away unexpectedly and if it weren't for the amazing people I've met working on Origins I don't know how I would have gotten through that. Nimue and her husband actually drove over 2 hours to come and be with me, Kiran listened to and comforted me to the best of her ability, dragonstarr took over the admin duties for several weeks because I just couldn't handle it... And early this year, when I was struggling to move from North Carolina to Missouri, Nimue said, "you and me, girl, road trip!" These amazing women, all of them. They're family to me. They have all poured themselves into this site - financially, artistically, creatively - and into me, too. They trust me to take the reins and make Origins the best place it can be and I trust them to have my back.

So this is my question to you now... How can we make you feel comfortable trusting us? What can we do to make the Kickstarter more appealing? What would it take for you to pledge your support to Origins? Please tell us in the comments or if you're shy, you can message me in private. We're open to everything constructive, even if it might be hard to hear. We want Origins to be a success, but we can't do it without a successful Kickstarter. We can't do it without you. So please, leave your feedback, share with your friends, back us on Kickstarter!

If you have already pledged, thank you. The amount doesn't matter, the act of doing so is what counts. We appreciate you standing up and saying, "I believe in your vision. Make it so!" That's an amazing gift, so again, thank you.

In Case You Forgot the Way
(yeah I know you didn't lol)

Here's some facts about our Kickstarter as supplied by Kicktraq!

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Updates Everywhere!
We've been getting some work done! I've put out another Kickstarter update, which you can read here! This update shows off some of our WIP pet pages to hopefully give everyone a better idea of what our pet features are going to be like!


In addition, we've also tweaked the thumbnail previews for avatar items. This one, is being a bit difficult. You'll see that clicking a color doesn't just change the thumbnail color to match, it shows you the full size image instead. This is due to the site not generating thumbnails for every color and is a separate issue we'll need to resolve. For now though, while broken it may be, you can preview colors without equipping them! If your screen starts getting messy, you can refresh to clear the bigger images. Another small hiccup is that items with a separate front and back (such as a lot of our hairstyles and dresses) will only display the front portion when previewing. We'll get this fixed up soon as well!

We're still sitting at 46% funded! Just another 4% to that halfway mark! Help us get there!

Kickstarter: Share, Pledge, Go!