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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 10:53:49 PM
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Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Kickstarter Update: Day 8
Well folks, we've come up a bit more, but we're still 4% ($105) away from 50% funded! We need your help to get there! Pledge your support or help us spread the word! If you love Origins, let people hear about it! With your help we can absolutely reach our funding goal, but we need everyone to pitch in however they can! Share us on social media! Pledge on Kickstarter!


Hop Over to Kickstarter

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Kickstarter: So Close to 50% Milestone!!
You read the title! We're only 6% (that's $180) away from the 50% milestone! Help us get there by pledging your support to Origins on Kickstarter!

Get Tossed to Kickstarter!

Even if you can't pledge or you have already, you can still help Origins reach its funding goal by spreading the word! This is super important! We need evangelists to encourage new members to join, but we also need new people to pledge to the Kickstarter! Share the Kickstarter link on your social media pages or just with your friends and family! Tell them why you decided to back the site and what features you're most looking forward to! Your enthusiasm and dedication will be infectious and that will help Origins a great deal!

Thanks so much to every single one of our pledges! We love you!

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Official Kickstarter Update: Reward Add-ons!
We've posted our first official Update on Kickstarter and revealed our reward add-ons! Read More Here!

Don't forget to share and like us! Just 10% more to reach our 50% funded milestone!

You can also help us out by upvoting us on BBOGD! (no account required)


Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Origins Showcase on VPL
Origins has been put up on Virtual Pet List's Showcase! It's now open for reviews, so if you're a member there, it would be greatly appreciated if our users could take a few moments and review the site! Click Here


Also an update on our Kickstarter, we're holding firmly at 38% still! Please be spreading the word to your friends and family! Even if all you can pledge is $5 or $10 that would be a huge help! Those smaller pledges add up really fast! Thanks so much to everyone who has already pledge! And remember, our Early Bird Special is still in effect, get even more goodies when you pledge $25 or more!

Posted by Lucille About 3 years ago
Permalink Kickstarter Update: Day 4
We're at 38% funded! Which means we're now only 12% away from our 50% milestone! Help us get there?

Pop Over to Our Kickstarter

A couple things you might not know about Kickstarter:
  • You can pledge at any time, even if you don't have funds available yet. There's no escrow hold or anything like that. You won't have to make good on your pledge unless the campaign is successful and even then you won't be charged until after the campaign has finished.
  • You can modify your pledge at any time up until the campaign ends. This means you can increase or decrease the pledge amount or even cancel your pledge entirely should your situation change.

If you have any questions or concerns about Kickstarter, please feel free to PM me!