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Monday, September 16th, 2019 7:30:29 PM
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Posted by Royal About 3 months ago
Permalink Spring is all around Faenaria!
Hello, Faes! Royal here, your friendly neighborhood Event Planner! Spring has been upon us with its beautiful blooms and lovely weather! However, that can only mean one thing.
It's time for...
The Second Annual Spring Jubilee!!
Hope on over the event board to find out more details on the festivities and fun!!

Posted by weezee About 4 months ago
Permalink April HA Release!
Hiya Faenarians!

I'd like to appoligize for the lateness of the DS items, but things were just going on offline to keep myself and Lucy busy busy! BUT they are here now, along with all the WS stuff, so hopefully that makes it a little better!

No pets yet, but soon as those get finished you'll have those as well!

Here are your new avatar goodies!

https://i.imgur.com/2Ok1xgX.png https://i.imgur.com/SNavmVv.png https://i.imgur.com/NdUhnli.png https://i.imgur.com/w2wHFJj.png https://i.imgur.com/tUI7H4S.png

Spoiler: DS Items

Fusion Hime Gown (female only) Spring Sensation ~ (By Lucille)
Fusion Hiko Suit (male only) Spring Sensation ~ (By Lucille)
Naginata (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)
Naginata Blade (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)
Naginata Metal (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)
Naginata Ribbon (unisex) Dream Emporium ~ (By Sapphie)


Bracers (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Belt (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Belt Wide (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Bow Neck (female only) ~ Jewelry Box (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Bow Waist (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Cord (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Dress (female only) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Knot (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Knot Tassel (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Fusion Miko Tassels (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Geta (unisex) ~ Foot Fetish (By Lucille)
Geta Strap (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Hakama (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Hakama Belt (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Hakama Tie (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Haori (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Haori Himo (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Hime (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Lucille)
Hime B (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Lucille)
Kamishimo (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Katana Blade (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Katana Metal (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Katana Wrap (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Kimono (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Obi (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obi Belt Wide (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obi Bow (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obi Sash (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Obijime (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Pauldron Ties (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Pauldrons (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Sakura Crown (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Sakura Ear (unisex) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Short Kimono (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Short Yukata (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Silk Sleeves (female only) ~ This and That (By Lucille)
Tabi (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Lucille)
Tsubaki (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Sapphie)
Tsubaki B (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Sapphie)
Yukata (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)

We hope you all enjoy!
~Much Love & Fantabuliciousness

Posted by Lucille About 5 months ago
Permalink Staff Positions Open!
Hey all! Happy April! I know you're expecting the Premium release and never fear, it's coming in the next couple of days (probably around Friday). In the meantime, I want to draw everyone's attention to the staff application thread.

We Have Open Staff Positions

We are especially in need of 1 or 2 moderators and another person who can do pet markings/genes. So take a look at the first post and if you feel you can help, please submit an application!

Posted by Lucille About 6 months ago
Permalink March's Regular Monthly Release!
Greetings citizens of Faenaria! Happy "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" Day!!
(Of course, none of the items I'm releasing have anything to do with St Patrick's Day... but I hope you will enjoy them anyway!)

I'm filling in today for our lovely weezee as she is off on a very important quest to slay the evil dragon known as Real Life. Not to worry, I sent her off with plenty of candy rations and nerf weapons! She'll have it licked in no time! Though... licking it might only enrage it further... oh dear...

*nervous laugh* Nevermind that! Without further ado.... This month's general release!
(sorry fellas, there's not much for the boys this time, but we'll correct that at a later date!)

Thanks to Kiran for letting me use her gorgeous avatar (middle) as an example!


Aida (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Lucille)
Aida B (unisex) ~ Beauty Salon (By Lucille)
Aida Bracer (female) ~ Jewelry Box (By Lucille)
Aida Circlet (female) ~ Jewelry Box (By Lucille)
Aida Corset (female) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Aida Cuffs (female) ~ Jewelry Box (By Lucille)
Aida Garter (female) ~ Veronica's Secret (By Lucille)
Aida Skirt (female) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Aida Top (female) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Dark Fae Wings (unisex) ~ Nip and Tuck (By weezee)
Fae Lights (unisex) ~ This and That (By Kiran)
Glamour Skirt (female) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Glamour Top (female) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Glamour Top Long (female) ~ Wish Boutique (By Lucille)
Midnight Meadow (unisex) ~ Here and There (By Lucille)
Night Shirt (unisex) ~ Veronica's Secret (By SapphieChan)
Rain BG (unisex) ~ Here and There (By weezee)
Rain FG (unisex) ~ Here and There (By weezee)
Shiplap Wall (unisex) ~ Here and There (By weezee)
Sword Cane (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Sword Cane Handle (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By Lucille)
Teddy Bear (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By SapphieChan)
Teddy Bear Face (unisex) ~ This and That (By SapphieChan)
Teddy Bear Shirt (unisex) ~ This and That (By SapphieChan)
Textured BG Fade Right (unisex) ~ Here and There (By weezee)
Umbrella (female) ~ Hold Me Tight (By weezee)
Umbrella Handle (female) ~ Hold Me Tight (By weezee)
Vagabond Cloak (unisex) ~ Wish Boutique (By weezee)
Vagabond Fastener (female) ~ This and That (By weezee)
Vagabond Shoulders (unisex) ~ This and That (By weezee)
Wooden Floor (unisex) ~ Here and There (By weezee)
**List compiled by the amazing weezee!

Posted by Lucille About 6 months ago
Permalink Art Stream In Progress!
Come join me and get a sneak peek of next month's FA release!

Twitch Channel

UPDATE: Stream has ended for now!