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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 10:30:33 PM
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Lucille (f)
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About 6 years ago
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Do you feel the need to contact a Moderator, but you're not sure which one to direct your questions or problems to? Well, here's a list to help you decide.

Head Moderator

-- Aleah --
Oversees: Faenaria Office, General Discussion
Newbie Welcome Wagon


-- AelloTyphoeus --
Oversees: Faenaria Office, Faenaria Talk

-- Kalika --
Oversees: Faenaria Talk
NaNoWriMo Coordinator

-- yumekaczorek --
Oversees: General Discussion (On semi-hiatus)

Please Note:
Any custom order related concerns should be taken to weezee, our Head Artist! If you were contacted by an artist concerning a pending order please do NOT contact someone different; continue speaking to the same person unless there is an issue that cannot be resolved.
Moderators are NOT equipped to handle your pending custom orders.

If you have more serious issues (such as harassment, purchase related, etc.) and would like to speak directly to an Admin, you may contact Lucille.
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