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Hiya Faenarians!

Here to release July's Pet Shop Pets! We have 5 this month (what we plan to release either every month or every other month).

Floating and Gliding into Amber Outlet: Sunset/image.png
Watermelon Suikoa by SeaCrest ~ Summer Sunset by SeaCrest

Fluttering into Summer Spectacle: Lime/image.png
Sandy Butterfly Pony by weezee ~ Watermelon Lime Butterfly Pony by weezee

Stomping it's way into Dino Den: Limeade/image.png
Cherry Limeade by stormweaved

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Signature Tag by SeaCrest! Thank you so much it's FABULOUS!
Princess SedaYue
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All five look amazing!
Feel free to ping me if needed. While I am on frequently, I don't always remember where I was having conversations.
pet #562

Senamira (f)
pet #656

Frozen Gem (f)
Rhowyn aka Lucille
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That Bronto is making me thirsty.....
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aww the first pony is cute i wish i could get them but dont know if they cost wish crystals at all cause im out of them to