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Hiya Faenarians!

I hope you've all had a good start to your week! It's only Monday and I'm ready for the weekend again! Had family in town so I didn't really get to "relax" like normal on the weekend. :3 But it was fun, and that's what matters.

Anyways, on to why I'm here!

I added a new forum bg/header. If you're unsure what I mean.... Look behind my avatar and at the top of this post. If you have no idea how to edit those... go here.

I also made it so you can mark notifications unread again if you marked it as read by accident. This was a suggestion by @FireLilly She asked for some other things, but those are beyond what I can do. :3

And last, but not least....I've got a very small FA release, starting back to work makes it hard to be motivated to art, but I got a little for you all. That's shown below.

If you're wondering why we now have Fae Lights Swirl when we already have Fae Lights? Well, Fae Lights are all in front of your avatar as shown in my first avatar below, Fae Lights Swirl has a back layer as shown in the second avatar. This is how they were meant to work from the start, but they were made before we had the option. Decided it was fine time to make them work right, but I also like the all in front... so we have both!

Here's a preview of your new avatar goodies!
These are just my current avatars cuz I was too lazy to make new ones.

Spoiler: New Avatar Items

Cookie Dawn Flame Ignis (unisex) ~ Cookie Corner (Design By Rhowyn)
Cookie Ocean Wave Sorako (unisex) ~ Cookie Corner (Design By FireLilly, with additional edits from By Rhowyn)
Fae Lights Swirl (unisex) ~ This and That (By Kiran)
Gnarled Staff Chrysanthemums (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By weezee)
Gnarled Staff Lilies (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By weezee)
Gnarled Staff Lilies Pistils (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By weezee)
Gnarled Staff Roses (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By SapphieChan, weezee just rearranged)
Gnarled Staff Vines (unisex) ~ Hold Me Tight (By SapphieChan, weezee just rearranged)

We hope you all enjoy!
~Much Love & Fantabuliciousness
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Thank you for all your hard work Weezee!
Feel free to ping me if needed. While I am on frequently, I don't always remember where I was having conversations.
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Lovely, thank you!


Oh wow! Thank you for your hard work on all of the pretty things!
Please @ ping me to get my attention as I'm easily distracted.
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A week late to the party, but YEAH!