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Hiya Faenarians!

I hope that everyone has had a great holiday season! I've actually been sick the whole time, which really sucks. LOL Just as it's time to go back to work, I start feeling better. >_< ANYWAYS, I hope you all have had a much better time than myself. Hope you spent lots of time with family and friends (or if you prefer ...lots of time to yourself)! This is much later than I had planned. I actually have a small bit for the FA too, but I haven't had that colored yet, so that will wait. You all at least deserve SOMETHING as an update.

All the pets are by stormweaved. She did an amazing job for us, so thank her!!

They will all be in Winter Wonderland. Sculpture/image.png
Gingerbread Kirin --------------- Ice Sculpture Ankylosaurus Candy/image.png
Ribbon Candy Ryu --------------- Snowbird Owlbear
Spearmint Manticore

We hope you all enjoy!
~Much Love & Fantabuliciousness
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i wish i could adopt gingerbread kirin but i dont know how much it cost though and my current amount wont get me one


All of them are looking gorgeous! Been long while and did have great holidays!
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Aww, look at the pretty babehs!
Please @ ping me to get my attention as I'm easily distracted.


~These look really, really awesome.