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Hiya Faenarians!

So for now, I just have some pets to amaze you with! I will have some FA items later this week! The first 2 are just in time for Easter to be almost over! The rest are in plenty of time for Autism Awareness Month!!

All the pets are by stormweaved. She did an amazing job for us, so thank her!!

The first 2 will be in Spring Sensations. Stag/Brindled Giraffe/image.png Thief/image.png
Brindled Giraffe Dire Stag --------------- Egg Thief Kraken

The next 2 will be in Ancient Peddler. Pony/Supporting Hands/image.png Pony/Sable Supporting Hands/image.png
Supporting Hands Daydream Pony --------------- Sable Supporting Hands Daydream Pony

This one will be in Unique Boutique
Acceptance Crane

This one will be in Amber Outlet
Diverse Kirin

We hope you all enjoy!
~Much Love & Fantabuliciousness
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the new ponys are cute i wish i could get the white one but somehow i cant afford a pony pet on here currently im out of dream shards to if i had more dream shards i would get a pony pet but there is no way to get dream shards